Fast Beer

They’d wanted to call it Mucky Dougal’s, but they’d received a call. Even after The Great Franchise Collapse the shrunken fast food giants could afford to retain lawyers. The best alternative was the rather insipid Burger Bar.

The drive-thru couldn’t be used to sell alcohol to people in cars, obviously. But as no-one drove along that stretch of road anymore that really didn’t matter. They converted the car park into a beer garden, ripping up the tarmac and planting herbs and laying gravel to cut the run off.

Making it a gastropub was a winning stroke. Enough people got the joke to keep it busy for its first month on novelty alone. The beer and food were good enough that word of mouth did the rest.

Now, two years on, they had a decision to make. There were a lot of abandoned fast food joints, around the country and around the world, and lots of people wanting to jump on the Burger Bar bandwagon. Should they franchise their brand?

Note Originally sent from my mobile, composed on the bus into town. I’ve added line breaks and sorted one piece of predictive text confusion.