Naked bike ride

Naked bike ride, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Yesterday it was that time again. Time to cycle through town with no clothes on. We got naked a good half hour before setting off, to facilitate others getting slogans and symbols body painted onto them. It wasn’t as warm as last year, though the rain held off, so those of us gents who weren’t seasoned naturists didn’t promote ourselves all that well. (Take me indoors and warm me up and it’s a different matter, honest.) However, it’s surprising how quickly it feels natural to be unclothed outside.

I put my camera on continuous shooting and just held down the shutter every time I saw something interesting, getting four or five shots. I must have taken in the region of 500 photos. In the process my camera clicked past the 10,000 mark and started all over again at zero. The best of the photos are in the Naked Bike Ride 2008 set. There’s also a Naked Bike Ride 2007 set, which provided source material for the NAked Bike Ride paintings I photographed earlier.

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