Daily archives: June 23, 2008

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If it works I may use it to replace the clutter on the sidebar with a dynamic list of what’s going on elsewhere.

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    Are you ready for the coming race war?

    ‘Be under no illusions, we are at war. It’s a war we are badly losing. I am sick and tired of hearing nationalists talking of killing Muslims, blowing up mosques and fighting back only to see these acts of resistance fail. The time has come to stop the talking and start to act.[..]We need men who will fight to do whatever it takes. This is a war we cannot afford to lose. If we fail we will be facing a racial abyss.’

    Lunatics like this are going to blow up people who aren’t perfectly white, other idiots are going to blow up anyone who’s standing next to them at the wrong moment because of their imaginary friend and our government’s going to pretend to protect us by creating the sort of repression the extremists all want.

    Happy thoughts for a Monday morning.

    Happy Birthday to PV

    Happy Birthday to PV, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

    Though orange email’s being so crap that this probably won’t arrive until her next birthday.
    Alex has outdone himself with the cake decoration.