Daily archives: July 21, 2008

Oxford Diecast 1:76th Ford Pop

I may have got a little too excited when I found out Oxford Diecast were doing a Ford Pop in 1:76th scale. And I don’t think I was the only one. When I went to pick some up today I got the last two in the shop.

The first thing I did was take one of them apart to see what the prospects are like for customising. Oxford’s cars are held together with screws rather than the rivets that so many others use, so this was easy enough. The bumpers are moulded as part of the body. They’ll have to be filed off and there’ll need to be a bit of sculpting to make that convincing. The interior is a pretty basic tub. I’ll probably build a whole new one, particularly if I go with early plans to build a drag or Pro-Street car.

It’s time to dig out the old copies of Street Machine and Custom Car for inspiration.

Post Apocalypse Pony

Post Apocalypse Pony, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.
Post Apocalypse Pony
Post Apocalypse Pony

The Mustang is now finished and mounted on a base, which I painted a combination of gunmetal and rust because I thought it would complement the finished.

You have to peer in to see the weapons and other kit, so it’s a little undercover as a post apocalypse ride. Future dark future motor cars will have weaponry mounted for firing on the move.

The gunge seems to have pooled heaviest at the back of the boot. Perhaps this was the dampest patch and the lichen and moss grew fastest there.

More photos can be seen in the Post Apocalypse Pony set.