Ratty T

Model T chassis- front Z, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

I’ve become fascinated by rat rods in the last year or so, so when I got a Lindberg model T in 1:32nd scale it seemed natural that I should make something old school.

It’s a simple model, so I’ll try to keep my modifications to it simple. The first step was to drop the body nearer the ground. As in the real thing, this was done by Z’ing the frame. The chassis is cast as a single piece incorporating the sump and some of the front suspension. The trailing arms helped me line everything back up when I cut through the rails just behind the radiator mount. The thickness of the cut allowed me to insert a section of plastic strip into the gap which gave a firm mount for the step. A similar process was followed at the rear.

The frame rails and suspension have been painted Games Workshop Chaos Black, my flat black of choice. The sump and trailing arms will probably be Boltgun Metal. Everything will get a light coat of rust before the car goes together.