Daily archives: July 31, 2008

Tweets today

08:37 Blog: Tweets Yesterday tinyurl.com/5awydt #

12:00 I did have an urge to shout "Gordon's alive!" Brian Blessed style during Dark Knight. #

13:46 Can't think of things to clog about. Apathy attack. #

13:47 Does apathy attack or does it just lie around waiting for you to find it? #

14:22 Blog: Guinnenberg tinyurl.com/5p9fzz #

14:22 Blog: Pineapple Chutney tinyurl.com/55cvpc #

14:22 Blog: Critical Mass July 2008 tinyurl.com/5qk7t3 #

14:42 The day I get my PAC number mobile email decides to work again. #

14:50 2 Wheels Good: Over reaction as usual: I have no sympathy for Jason Howard, the cyclist.. tinyurl.com/574253 #

14:50 How to Save the World "Goodbye from the world's biggest polluter" tinyurl.com/6yhjey #

15:11 Putting end credits on venn episode 1. This one has snog AND nagging monkeys. Bet Dark Knight didn't. #

18:07 Scale: More Death Race pictures tinyurl.com/57vo6h #

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Tweets Yesterday

11:36 Blog: Miss Russia 2008 tinyurl.com/67vjl6 #

17:41 Increasingly annoyed at not being able to send emails from phone. Currently have 4 dating back to saturday in queue. #

20:15 Getting into Dark Knight is hellish. It had best be worth it. #

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Update I signed up to LoudTwitter a few days ago as a way to add content and replace the box that had been in the sidebar and only had the last three tweets in it. I’m having teething troubles, as the mail to blog function doesn’t seem to be working- this post was forwarded from one of my email accounts, which had actually received five mails from Loudtwitter, three of them empty. Let’s see what it sends me today then I may try post by email again tomorrow.