Tweets today

08:37 Blog: Tweets Yesterday #

12:00 I did have an urge to shout "Gordon's alive!" Brian Blessed style during Dark Knight. #

13:46 Can't think of things to clog about. Apathy attack. #

13:47 Does apathy attack or does it just lie around waiting for you to find it? #

14:22 Blog: Guinnenberg #

14:22 Blog: Pineapple Chutney #

14:22 Blog: Critical Mass July 2008 #

14:42 The day I get my PAC number mobile email decides to work again. #

14:50 2 Wheels Good: Over reaction as usual: I have no sympathy for Jason Howard, the cyclist.. #

14:50 How to Save the World "Goodbye from the world's biggest polluter" #

15:11 Putting end credits on venn episode 1. This one has snog AND nagging monkeys. Bet Dark Knight didn't. #

18:07 Scale: More Death Race pictures #

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