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11:43 Save the World: Kite Power tinyurl.com/6jd5ye #

11:43 Save the World: Tidal power gets plugged into the grid tinyurl.com/6caox6 #

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19:32 I have booked hotel in Paris. I shall be staying at the Kuntz. The decision wasn’t all down to the name. #

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Elite 4?

After seeing it mentioned on Bowch’s blog I did a little digging and yes, David Braben says that Elite 4 is on the way. It won’t be as big a deal for most gamers as, say, GTAIV, because too many of them will be too young to remember.

The original Elite(wiki) holds a very special place in the hearts of gamers of a certain age ie those of us who now have phones with nearly a million times more memory than their first computer. I don’t think I ever attained the hallowed status, only getting as far as Deadly. I played both the Frontier sequel games as well, but they were so buggy it was a terrible experience.

Please let Braben be telling the truth. I’d love to see what can be made of this flashback to my teens.

Tidal power gets plugged into the grid

I missed this at the time- it’s a couple of weeks old- but Britain’s first tidal power generator has been plugged into the national grid. The SeaGen device is in Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland and generates 150 kilowatts- which should rise to 300 kilowatts by the end of the summer. The company behind the installation intends to set up a tidal power farm off Anglesey by 2011.

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