Tweets today

01:20 Blog: Tweets today #

08:53 Watching a lot of dvds at the moment. Prepare for mini Twitter reviews. #

08:55 A Better Tomorrow 2. Heroic bloodshed, classic Woo. #

08:58 Right At Your Door. One couple’s experience of a massive terror attack. Good use of limited locations. #

09:01 Severance Inventive and funny Brit slasher filmed in Hungary. Weapon salesmen get their comeuppance in the woods #

09:05 Shortbus. Very graphic relationship comedy drama. Characters’ lives collide in a bohemian New York sex club. #

09:12 Syriana. Tightly woven conspiracy piece about the crimes and sacrifices behind cheap oil. Very timely. #

11:03 @SkippyUK It used to be easy through temp agencies, but now I’m too qualified for their jobs and not experienced enough for proper ones 🙁 #

11:06 @SkippyUK Plus I’ve ended up hating all the "proper" jobs I’ve been any good at, which is crap. So I’m working for myself for a year. #

11:30 Reading How To Make Millions With Your Ideas. Tech insights are out of date, but the underlying ideas are solid. #

14:49 2 Wheels Good: The secret menace #

20:07 Two pages inked. Letter them tomorrow. I’m getting better, even if I say so myself. #

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