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Tweets today

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10:00 Crap. Slept right through my radio alarm. #

12:20 Presents: Getting the film look with digital video tinyurl.com/6rwqya #

13:21 Blog: Permanent Damage tinyurl.com/59xzx6 #

13:58 Do the currants and raisins in Eccles cakes count toward your 5 a day? #

14:20 Blog: Cine City tinyurl.com/67ybdw #

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Cine City

Cine City, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

There’s not much of the building left, just some bits of wall at the rear.
The local free paper tells me that planning permission hasn’t been granted for its intended new use- apartments, naturally- so it’ll probably stay like this for a while.