Tweets today

22:28 Blog: Tweets today #

09:21 No more Twitter updates direct to my phone. How will I pretend to have friends now? #

10:25 Blog: Twitter- now I can send but not receive on my phone #

11:26 Blog: The Rocky Horror Horror #

13:27 Blog: IT Crowd sourcing #

13:54 Why has Discovery Science got someone who can’t pronounce nuclear narrating a segment about fission? I want to slap him. #

13:57 Fusion, not fission. But he still needs slapping every time he says "nucular". #

14:28 Damn Scrapheap Challenge! I should be editing, but I need to know how the land yachts perform. #

18:28 Blog: How does Twitter make money? Even Twitter doesn’t know yet #

19:28 Blog: You could buy Detroit for a tenner #

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