Tweets today

01:25 Blog: Tweets today #

11:23 Less rough edit of episode 2 done. Now I need my editing monkeys to take a look, then it’s on to frame trimming and transitions. #

12:25 Blog: EMusic #

14:16 Off into town with a pannier full of Transformers and models. #

14:44 It’s the caribbean carnival. I don’t know when, but the parade should be on Claremont road soon judging by the crowd. #

16:26 Blog: BOT060 #

18:35 In the rain without waterproofs. You’d think I’d have learned after 19 years in Manchester. #

20:08 Hot new jewellery ideas- plastinated body parts. #

20:33 We’re planning a pie party! #

21:01 We want a repeating rocket propelled exploding kitten launcher! #

21:28 Blog: The Marble Arch #

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