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Tweets today

22:25 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/5tss5n #

10:23 AMC’s website is down, so this week’s Wednesday film shall be at the odeon (printworks). By popular demand- The Mummy @ 6.30 #

10:25 Blog: Dorset Naga anyone? tinyurl.com/5bk5sh #

10:25 Blog: Our garden needs a mini cow to keep it mown tinyurl.com/5jbg2y #

10:41 Watching the Madison online. Slightly mad. Would like to know how the Keirin works too. #

11:30 Britain only came 8th. Wiggins was knackered and the other teams ganged up on them. The oldest team (Argentina) won. #

11:47 Gary Glitter is looking a bit Ming the Merciless in the bbc website’s pictures. #

14:46 Third, tighter edit of episode 2 done. I need my editing monkeys to come along and go "Ook" and throw poo at it. #

16:27 Blog: Build your own Mad Max Interceptor tinyurl.com/5mtl54 #

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Our garden needs a mini cow to keep it mown

Smaller breeds of cattle are the next big thing, allowing people to keep a few cows if their back garden is big enough. The Times writes about Dexters, miniature “cottagers’ Cows” from Ireland, which are about the size of an Alsation and produce up to 16 pints of milk a day.

In truth the garden is probably too small, even for a mini moo, and the fences to flimsy. But the lawn’s not flat enough to run a mower over it effectively and we have to cut the gras somehow.