Tweets today

22:25 Blog: Tweets today #

10:23 AMC’s website is down, so this week’s Wednesday film shall be at the odeon (printworks). By popular demand- The Mummy @ 6.30 #

10:25 Blog: Dorset Naga anyone? #

10:25 Blog: Our garden needs a mini cow to keep it mown #

10:41 Watching the Madison online. Slightly mad. Would like to know how the Keirin works too. #

11:30 Britain only came 8th. Wiggins was knackered and the other teams ganged up on them. The oldest team (Argentina) won. #

11:47 Gary Glitter is looking a bit Ming the Merciless in the bbc website’s pictures. #

14:46 Third, tighter edit of episode 2 done. I need my editing monkeys to come along and go "Ook" and throw poo at it. #

16:27 Blog: Build your own Mad Max Interceptor #

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