Tweets today

22:29 Blog: Could someone redesign my blog template? #

22:29 Blog: Tweets today #

08:28 They’re having Manchester weather in Beijing. I don’t know if that’s a good thing for the British team. #

12:10 Save the World: Greenbird- wind powered record attempt #

12:10 Save the World: I prefer the Lib Dem’s green energy policy #

15:26 Blog: This is a test to see if I can send video straight to flickr from my phone #

15:32 Once around the block without hitting anything and I’m now qualified to drive the students union minibus again. #

19:26 Trying to generate pauses through creative cutting and time remapping. Challenging. #

21:04 Second bottle of ginger beer is fizzier, but not much more gingery. Next time I may blend the ginger. #

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