Daily archives: August 23, 2008

Tweets today

00:06 Scale: Woodward Dream Cruise pictures tinyurl.com/54qpsm #

01:27 Blog: Manchester zinefest 2008 at Urbis tinyurl.com/5cm43w #

01:27 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/6zzvra #

12:43 Sitting on a window ledge waiting for the Pride parade to go by. #

13:16 The other reason I like my high window ledge seat is that I can stare down cleavages as the women walk past. #

13:31 Blog: The Sausage Man has traded up tinyurl.com/6y6tkg #

16:30 Blog: BOT059 tinyurl.com/67c777 #

16:30 Blog: Pride 2008 tinyurl.com/5fk7jc #

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The Sausage Man has traded up

Or someone else has bagged the plot. No evidence of steal burger, the Cumberland sausage tasted just like a normal one and they ran out of change right after me.