Daily archives: August 26, 2008

Tweets today

22:26 Blog: Let’s hear it for the Buffy/Wiccan feminist revolution tinyurl.com/6bt9h6 #

22:26 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/5b9h3y #

08:25 Put the petal to the medal and let’s go! #

09:57 Thyme and lime roast chicken about to go in the oven. Should feed me for the next few days. #

10:26 Wednesday’s film will be Hellboy 2 @ amc @ 7.15 #

11:26 Blog: I have nearly six feet of Transformers and GI Joes tinyurl.com/5jb8md #

14:58 2 Wheels Good: The world’s most prolific bicycle thief tinyurl.com/6l8yy9 #

19:41 Still eating leftovers from the weekend. Pasta bake to go with my chicken. Can you freeze chick peas. #

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I have nearly six feet of Transformers and GI Joes 1

Damian used to give a sense of scale. I decanted all the cardboard boxes of joes and bots that were in the attic into plastic crates for transport to the studio. Not since we moved them all out of Andy’s flat have I been struck by just how many he possessed.

I need to start distributing them faster or it’ll take a couple of years to complete the bot-crossing project.