Daily archives: August 27, 2008

Tweets today 1

22:08 It’s filter time! Let’s mess with the look and feel of episode 2 of Venn. #

22:25 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/5b6uce #

00:15 I think I’ve stumbled upon a way to get a particularly lush look. It’s a variation on a few "film effects" I’ve looked at. #

11:50 Save the World: Formula Zero- the hydrogen fuel cell racing series tinyurl.com/5lxtvo #

14:57 Save the World: Solar planes can stay in the air for days tinyurl.com/5auobu #

15:46 Robbie Williams on the Revolution??!! I’ve slipped into some evil bizarro universe. Help! #

16:41 And now Westlife!! That’s it. I’m listening to XFM until the kids go back to school. #

18:18 Scenes without sex take longer to draw. It’s the clothes, I struggle drawing them. Time for nudist toons. #

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Solar planes can stay in the air for days

The Zephyr is a prototype solar powered unmanned aerial vehicle which recently unofficially broke the world endurance record for unmanned flight. Obviously, it’s being developed for military use, but the company behind it are predicting civilian implementations. It’ll be a long time before the equipment is able to carry large payloads around the world, but high flying drones could be used for pollution monitoring and other forms of information gathering.

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Formula Zero- the hydrogen fuel cell racing series

Motor racing is often a testing ground for features that eventually make their way into everyday vehicles. So a zero emission karting series bodes well. The karts run on electric motors powered by fuel cells and compete to see not which is fastest but also which is most efficient. A British team placed third overall in a recent race, behind Dutch and Spanish entries.

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