Tweets today 1

22:08 It’s filter time! Let’s mess with the look and feel of episode 2 of Venn. #

22:25 Blog: Tweets today #

00:15 I think I’ve stumbled upon a way to get a particularly lush look. It’s a variation on a few "film effects" I’ve looked at. #

11:50 Save the World: Formula Zero- the hydrogen fuel cell racing series #

14:57 Save the World: Solar planes can stay in the air for days #

15:46 Robbie Williams on the Revolution??!! I’ve slipped into some evil bizarro universe. Help! #

16:41 And now Westlife!! That’s it. I’m listening to XFM until the kids go back to school. #

18:18 Scenes without sex take longer to draw. It’s the clothes, I struggle drawing them. Time for nudist toons. #

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One thought on “Tweets today

  • ikl

    I take it you missed the Mick Hucknall song on the Revolution then?! I don’t know what they were playing at today…

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