Tweets today

22:26 Blog: Tweets today #

00:03 Alyson Hannigan’s feet are back! Yay! Let’s hear it for Alyson Hannigan’s feet! (And Katie Holmes’ feet too!) #

00:04 But Gordon is a moron is the search that gets me the most visitors. That and chastity lifestyle, anyway. #

00:06 @Kalyr Naked superheroes! Actually, I think there have been some naked superhero comics. #

00:11 What other celebrity body parts can I mention to garner hits? Tom Cruise’s tiny penis. (Actually it’s just to scale.) #

00:29 Britney Spears’ big toe. Demi Moore’s derriere. The Fonz’s fetlocks #

09:25 Blog: Kryten says there will be more Red Dwarf #

10:25 Blog: A little list of Lilliputters #

11:27 Blog: 100 things to do before you die number 1- don’t die #

17:13 I’m fiddling with contrast and luminance more than hue. Apart from a blue cast in shots at the door I’m happy with the colour. #

18:27 Blog: Manchester is the second happiest place in Britain. Let’s have a party! #

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