Daily archives: September 1, 2008

Tweets today

22:25 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/56oklz #

23:26 Blog: Barack Obama answers 14 questions about science issues affecting the USA tinyurl.com/6o4zkm #

23:44 Save the World: Obama on energy policy tinyurl.com/5q7fer #

12:27 Blog: I should finally get my Elonex Onet+ this week tinyurl.com/6a6a7n #

14:51 2 Wheels Good: Google Earth and GPS for the Olympic cyclist tinyurl.com/6njcv3 #

18:59 Not having a productive day. Reading, mostly. And following faked pregnancy rumours about McCain’s running mate. #

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I should finally get my Elonex Onet+ this week 6

I’ve been waiting long enough. The mini laptops were supposed to ship en masse last week, prior to today’s official launch date. I’ve just been on the phone to customer support at their shop, where the official line is that they were held up by Customs and are currently being quality checked.

I do hope the little machine’s worth the wait.