I should finally get my Elonex Onet+ this week 6

I’ve been waiting long enough. The mini laptops were supposed to ship en masse last week, prior to today’s official launch date. I’ve just been on the phone to customer support at their shop, where the official line is that they were held up by Customs and are currently being quality checked.

I do hope the little machine’s worth the wait.

6 thoughts on “I should finally get my Elonex Onet+ this week

  • Anonymous

    My Elonex ONEt+ finally arrived today – the excuses included “surprising number of upgrades” “weather stopping flights” and “problem with the carrier” – nothing about customs!

    It’s a nice little thing (though the screen seems to have some scratches and it appears to have a dead pixel.

    The manual is abysmal – as is the support info on the website. The ONE was supposed to be aimed at school-kids and students (sorry, learners).

    However, as a teacher (sorry, learning facilitator) I haven’t found it the easiest of computers to set up so far.

    I managed to connect wirelessly to the Internet both at home and at one of the places where I work today. However, I can’t seem to access any printers wirelessly or even by connecting a printer to a USB port!

    The compatibility with Word 2003 seems very limited – a flyer with a large font size and an image was displayed as five pages, and no image to be seen!

    The RSJ cable in the connection kit was crap – pretty well came apart when I tried to remove it after making a wired connection to my router at home.

    As for the connection kit – the mini mouse worked ok – haven’t tried the rest of the kit yet, except the (as usual) pointless usb light. A usb cable of the right type to connect to a printer would have been much more usful than the light – assuming I could work out how to access the printer I connected!

    I’ll be interested to read about other people’s experience.

  • Ian

    I would have had mine yesterday, if I’d been in when it was delivered.

    When I get it I’ll do a comparison review with the Maplin minibook I bought a week ago and possibly against a friend’s Asus Eee.

  • Anonymous

    Further to my (duplicate)comments on the 12th – I found that the Elonex ONEt+ has an old version of flash player and (so far) I haven’t found a way to upgrade this.

    It won’t allow you to view things on Youtube, the BBC website or other sites I wanted my students to be able to access – good job I only bought one to try rather than
    ordering a load of them!

  • Anonymous

    By the way Ian, you seem just about as mad as me!
    (Mrs anonymous – could’t be a**ed creating an id!)

  • Anonymous

    Just recived onet for my 10 year old and we both having trouble understanding what to do. Phone service hotline, told someone would ring back, they did five hours later. Cant see you tube or access weemee pages. We cant get the e-mail runnung although easy to use wi-fi.

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