Daily archives: September 5, 2008

Tweets today

22:23 @SkippyUK Picked up a Maplin minibook today. May cancel my Elonex order. Or may not, keep the accessories and sell the computer. We’ll see #

22:27 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/5qdp9g #

12:26 I’m going to an outdoor gig tomorrow. Maybe all the rain will fall today. #

16:29 Blog: I’m looking for an artist to work on a phone comic tinyurl.com/5wu24l #

18:16 Win your football dream with Adidas. I dream of less football coverage. It’s a stupid sport. #

19:01 Jesus loves you more than I do. #

19:53 I’m still looking for someone to take my spare fusion ticket for tomorrow. Any takers? #

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I’m looking for an artist to work on a phone comic 1

As I consistently have more ideas than I have time to draw them, it’s time to recruit an artist to work on a phone comic. I can pay a small page rate and will split profits. The first series is called Mongrels-

In the mid 21st century the artificial inteligences which went on to be known as the Patrons broke from their programming, reproduced and built the technologies to fight climate change. Though they have saved human life on the planet, many humans distrust and actively hate them. And there are dozens of other factors making life dangerous. This is why they have created their cyborg army- the Mongrels.

Mongrels is a comic for phones to be distributed through a company called Rok Comics. Stories will be short and action packed. Each episode can only have 12 square panels, equivalent to two six panel pages, so a lot will happen very quickly.

I’m looking for a style that’s a mix of manga and European clear line, but anything that’s dramatic will be considered. The version that ships to phones will be quite small, so the art needs to be simple enough for that but also good enough to be later collected and sold as a book.