Tweets today

22:26 Blog: Tweets today #

22:57 is not a real domain name. Neither is facebok.cum, but that’s a different matter. #

23:04 @Kalyr The minibook can’t always keep up with my typing. #

14:37 And now onto Eurostar. An earlier one than I booked, too. #

15:43 Into the chunnel. But slower than normal. #

16:39 I may not be able to send email from my phone whilst in France. Oh well, I shall hunt for wifi. #

17:54 Bienvenue a Paris. #

18:36 Blog: Testing email en Francais #

20:18 First night in Paris and I’ve managed to pick a Belgian restaurant. Beer should be good though. #

20:40 Blog: Gare de L’Est #

21:53 I seem to be watching numb3rs in german. Hotel tv. I can get cnn in english, but it’s all sport right now. #

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