Daily archives: September 19, 2008

Tweets today

22:27 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/4xtcpb #

08:03 I wonder what the french for wifi is? I need to ask how to get onto the hotel network when I get back later. #

09:10 I run the risk of bankrupting myself with bandes dessinee. I’ll only buy as many as I can carry home. #

09:24 Blog: The space invaders get everywhere tinyurl.com/3ff6bv #

10:25 Blog: Ike visits the Louvre tinyurl.com/4zxvdf #

10:25 Blog: JOE100 tinyurl.com/3q8vpk #

11:20 A braver man than I just cycled around the Arc de Triomphe on a single speed. #

11:24 Blog: I’m travelling by train, I probably could get knuckle dusters out of the country tinyurl.com/3mc7en #

13:02 The presence of armed soldiers makes me nervous about leaving gis at the major landmarks. #

13:25 Blog: JOE095 tinyurl.com/3sz3ch #

13:43 Battery low. Tweeting may cease for the day soon. #

14:25 Blog: Ike takes Manhattan? tinyurl.com/4brq2b #

19:23 I’m getting thoroughly pissed off with my minibook’s temperamental attitude to wifi! #

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Ike takes Manhattan?

Ike takes Manhattan?, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

No, really, this is not a left over picture from the New York trip. There are two statues of Liberty in Paris. This one is on an island in the Seine. I’d have taken this photo from the front, but there were a bunch of teenagers hanging out at the base of the statue and I got all self conscious about whipping my rat out with them around.

I’m travelling by train, I probably could get knuckle dusters out of the country

But I’m not going to, because they start at 20 Euro. The same shop had tazers and all sorts of other cool shit.