Tweets today

22:27 Blog: Tweets today #

08:03 I wonder what the french for wifi is? I need to ask how to get onto the hotel network when I get back later. #

09:10 I run the risk of bankrupting myself with bandes dessinee. I’ll only buy as many as I can carry home. #

09:24 Blog: The space invaders get everywhere #

10:25 Blog: Ike visits the Louvre #

10:25 Blog: JOE100 #

11:20 A braver man than I just cycled around the Arc de Triomphe on a single speed. #

11:24 Blog: I’m travelling by train, I probably could get knuckle dusters out of the country #

13:02 The presence of armed soldiers makes me nervous about leaving gis at the major landmarks. #

13:25 Blog: JOE095 #

13:43 Battery low. Tweeting may cease for the day soon. #

14:25 Blog: Ike takes Manhattan? #

19:23 I’m getting thoroughly pissed off with my minibook’s temperamental attitude to wifi! #

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