Daily archives: September 20, 2008

Tweets today

22:25 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/3u7noq #

08:32 Day 2 in Paris. I have a map but no plan. Which is how it should be. So long as I don’t end up where they filmed La Haine. #

09:20 I’m having problems getting my camera to shoot in RAW because of a script it keeps trying to run. #

10:14 There’ll be "Irish" pubs on the moon withing a year of anyone setting up a permanent base. #

11:24 Blog: I’ve found another space invader tinyurl.com/4sm5qs #

12:28 Blog: Ike and I are at the Pompidou tinyurl.com/4mn2m8 #

14:52 There’s a wifi zone in Parc Monceau. But I haven’t brought the minibook and it probably wouldn’t connect anyway. #

15:32 Blog: JOE099 tinyurl.com/4h35yj #

15:32 Blog: The museum of erotic art inspired me tinyurl.com/5xxbt4 #

15:32 Blog: JOE105 tinyurl.com/4md7ap #

21:26 Blog: JOE094 tinyurl.com/4q9mnt #

21:45 My feet hurt. I’ve walked a lot of miles in the last two days. Tomorrow I may sit and watch Paris in by. #

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The museum of erotic art inspired me

I sketched this nude in one of the visitors’ books. The bit I’m least happy with is the feet. I signed it so they can display it when I’m famous.
Ike stayed safely in my bag, though I reckon he would have liked to come out and play with some of the dolls.

Ike and I are at the Pompidou

Unlike the Louvre we’re tempted to go in. I think that’s for tomorrow, along with Arts et Metiers. For today we’re off to the erotica museum.