Daily archives: September 27, 2008

Tweets today

22:26 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/4eo9wm #

23:03 I’m in Edinburgh. Does that count as another capital? #

01:19 Now i’ve got to know you I’ve come to a conclusion. 8 out of 10 of your best friends deserve electrocution. #

08:25 Received @ 1.41am- When the rainbow cow of surprise hits you, remember the mantra, i who have nothing resemble the shadow. #

10:27 Blog: JOE106 tinyurl.com/5x5t2x #

10:45 Wonderland models on Lothian street in Edinburgh makes my local model shop look a bit crap. #

11:28 Blog: JOE102 tinyurl.com/3qkoxx #

12:41 I’m in Scotland. It’s lunch time. I need something deep fried. #

14:09 Battered haggis with cheese and chips. I feel reinvigorated yet also less healthy. #

15:43 I’ve only been asked for directions once. Wasn’t asked at all in Paris. Guess I look more Scottish than French. #

18:25 All the way up the Royal Mile and the castle was shut. #

19:58 Monica is plotting to take over the monarchy. She can be bought off with a duchess-ship. #

20:30 Blog: JOE104 tinyurl.com/4t9ox7 #

20:32 I’m out with people who look young enough to be id’d! #

21:17 Sleeping habits and duvet wrangling. Normal pub conversation matters. #

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Is there any Jesus slash fiction?

People will tell me I’m going to hell for even thinking about this, but that’s the way my mind works.