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22:29 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/3pvexw #

10:20 Unsuccesful night- woke up in my own bed. I don’t remember much of Font or how I got home, though. #

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11:37 Facebook won’t let me upload pictures. I’ve got the most recent version of Java so what’s up? #

15:30 Blog: Barack Obama = Adolf Hitler? tinyurl.com/53cv7v #

17:32 Blog: Tony Hart can no longer make art tinyurl.com/53vjuy #

18:04 Save the World: Prepare yourself for the green economy tinyurl.com/46e57l #

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Prepare yourself for the green economy

The UN estimates that there could be millions of green jobs created as the industry grows in the next few years. They call for subsidies to speed up the creation of these green jobs, but also acknowledge that the market will shift in that generation anyway as the cost of gas and oil continues to rise.

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Barack Obama = Adolf Hitler? 2

What’s the internet law about every discussion eventually citing Hitler?

I just read a pathetic whine from some right wing US blogger about how terrible it is that Obama is so popular and looks set to win the election. Irony free he blathered on about the terrible damage that will be done to America if McCain loses before likening himself to a citizen of Weimar Germany watching the rise of Adolf Hitler.