Tweets today

22:29 Blog: Tweets today #

09:43 @SkippyUK Peep. Peep, peep, peeep, peep, peep. Sore throat, may not be capable of speech. I’ll just make silly noises. #

09:50 It would be a truly awful day if you wanted to go home and drink Carling. #

11:08 Facebook appears to be shafted right now. I only wanted to know when the pie party is. #

11:52 2 Wheels Good: I Bike Mcr mini festival next week #

14:10 Sneezy, snuffly, sore throat. Bastard rain! Bloody not very waterproof waterproofs! #

17:15 Doing layouts for my dirty comic as I feel too grim to go to the studio and finish inking the one I started yesterday. #

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