Tweets today

22:18 Apparently I was a bad man on Monday. Something to do with rats, breasts and complaints arising. #

22:29 Blog: Tweets today #

23:04 The new Bond theme starts awful, gets a little better. #

09:22 @SkippyUK I didn’t say I liked it. It just became less awful. #

10:30 Blog: Ninja cat! #

10:52 Later we may play Trivial Pursuit for slices of real pie. #

14:45 @SkippyUK It only seems fair. I like to worry people 🙂 #

20:28 Blog: We’re having a pie party! #

20:33 I may have eaten too much pie. And I haven’t even sampled half of them. #

21:49 I’m sat next to the pie. It’s very hard to resist. #

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