Tweets today

22:30 Blog: Tweets today #

08:33 Job application and tax return to have a go at today #

12:31 Blog: John McCain’s supporters roll on into fantasy land #

14:34 I hate job applications. I’m so much more than the dates and info points can show the reader. Too many "nonwork" periods as well. #

16:54 This week’s film is How to lose friends & alienate people @ amc @ 6.55. #

17:23 Job application done, poorly, will post tomorrow and go looking for tax return paperwork. #

18:32 Blog: How to make nitrous oxide and gun cotton #

19:20 Off to see the Kaiser Chiefs at the Academy. #

20:32 Blog: Unknown support band #

20:42 Someone needs to start a band called Special Guests. Just think of all the billing they’d get. #

21:32 Blog: Second support band #

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