Nostalgia time- Total Control Racing 3

I never had a Total Control Racing set, but I knew someone who did. Supposed to be an improvement on Scalextric, TCR allowed drivers to switch lanes by flipping a switch on their controller. No explanation is given on the wikipedia page on how they did this, but I think only one rear wheel was being driven at a time, forcing the car over to the opposite wall. TCR disappeared quite quickly, compared to good old Scalextric, which seems to have been around for ever.

3 thoughts on “Nostalgia time- Total Control Racing

  • Alan

    I’ve still got a TCR set. One of the basic ones. But it’s yours if you want to take it apart to figure out how it works.

  • Scalextric

    I had never heard of Total Control Racing before. But with the lane change feature it sounds better than the original Scalextric. Seems strange it took Scalextric so long to replicate the feature!

  • Dipak

    Alan, I m actually looking for this kind of racing set for my son. if you have still got the tcr set in working order, and you want to part with it let me know. thx D Parmar.

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