Tweets today

22:30 Blog: Tweets today #

10:29 Blog: Srah Palin as President #

11:34 Huzzah! Zoiks! Wibble! Teaching my phone new words. #

11:39 Munchkins! Defenestrate! Pergola! Haven’t a clue when I might need these words, but I have them. #

11:54 There are cheerleaders in front of the students union. One of my 100 things involves cheerleaders. #

13:23 Oh no! I forgot the rat. He’ll be angry. #

13:56 Fellatio! Cunnilingus! Merkin! Teaching my phone sex words now. You knew it was inevitable. #

14:00 Predictive text nearly gave me atomilingus. Licking her Uranium? #

17:32 Oh arse! The union minibus just died. Big puddle of coolant under the engine. #

18:04 This should be worth a page or two in the memoirs. #

18:41 Cable ties are the new baler twine. #

19:06 Split radiator hose fixed by the aa man. Tentative huzzah! #

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