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Uptight? Or out of sight? 2

We've been discussing the labelling around sexuality, given a silly furore over toilets in Manchester University union and the alphabet soup that GBLT is becoming. One suggestion is splitting people into "uptight" and "alright".
Uptights can't accept any sexuality but their own, alrights understand that other people like other things even if those things are odd or even disgusting. So long as noone's getting hurt who didn't consent and you're not frightening the horses (and you're not dr Doolittle, that horse didn't consent) it really is noone else's business.

Tweets today

22:30 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/5jswlc #

22:44 Och aye the noo from Edinburgh. #

23:27 All the way to Edinburgh only to meet a mad welshman in the pub. He was born in Bridgend too. #

00:05 Dan’s mum must never get facebook. #

01:42 You can tell I’m ill when I can’t finish my chicken pakora. #

08:39 Leicester rag came up here in a Land Rover. I demand a Land Rover next time! #

08:41 Or a hovercraft. A hovercraft would be cool. Seaborne collecting assaults. #

13:01 Just discovered Oink, near Grassmarket, which sells just roast hog. Genius. #

13:31 Blog: Oink tinyurl.com/6oosob #

18:56 The church hall we’re staying in is a labyrinth. Every new room has several doors to other new rooms. #

21:01 I’ve been feeling steadily better all day. Now watch me spoil it all with a few pints. #

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Oink, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Victoria Street, Grassmarket, Edinburgh.
A hog roast roll and green tea are helping me feel human again. Oink does one roast hog a day and server until it’s all gone. The roll had a generous portion of succulent meat, good value. The tea cup was a bit small for the price, but I’m not complaining.