Tweets today

22:30 Blog: Tweets today #

22:44 Och aye the noo from Edinburgh. #

23:27 All the way to Edinburgh only to meet a mad welshman in the pub. He was born in Bridgend too. #

00:05 Dan’s mum must never get facebook. #

01:42 You can tell I’m ill when I can’t finish my chicken pakora. #

08:39 Leicester rag came up here in a Land Rover. I demand a Land Rover next time! #

08:41 Or a hovercraft. A hovercraft would be cool. Seaborne collecting assaults. #

13:01 Just discovered Oink, near Grassmarket, which sells just roast hog. Genius. #

13:31 Blog: Oink #

18:56 The church hall we’re staying in is a labyrinth. Every new room has several doors to other new rooms. #

21:01 I’ve been feeling steadily better all day. Now watch me spoil it all with a few pints. #

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