Tweets today

22:20 Eagle Eye is WarGames 2 done properly. #

02:31 Blog: Build your own Barack Obama #

02:31 Blog: Barack Obama’s naked mama, and other stupid stuff from America’s right #

02:31 Blog: Tweets today #

11:17 @foodiesarah John Humphries is still a star, even if he doesn’t understand blogging and tweeting. #

11:30 Blog: Another Spinneyhead dream dashed- Alyson Hannigan is pregnant #

13:58 Received- Two blondes. One said ‘What’s further, the Moon or Florida?’ The other blonde replied ‘Hellooo..! Can you fuckin see Florida??’ #

16:32 Blog: Kinky protesters at Westminster #

17:37 Blog: Another right wing fantasy- is Barack Obama really American? #

18:35 Blog: Manclopedia- Manchester’s very own wikipedia #

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