Tweets today

12:41 Tax return time. What fun. #

13:05 Tax return music- Money, Money, Money by Abba #

13:07 iTunes search for songs/artists/albums with "money" in them returns 109 items. Money for nothing and chicks for free #

13:07 Yes, I am avoiding the job at hand. Why do you ask? #

13:38 I thought I had all the paperwork in one place. Of course, I was wrong. #

15:55 @mbooth Vic Reeves and The Wonder Stuff. Don’t forget The Wonder Stuff #

15:56 I believe I have finished my tax return. Small profit, nowhere near enough for me to owe anything. #

15:57 I think I shall reward myself with a bit of Midnight Clubbing. #

18:11 This week’s wednesday film will be Burn After Reading @ amc @ 7.15 #

22:35 Blog: The subliminal mind fuck America #

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