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15:20 Another good page inked. Still not quite perfect. Maybe Scott McCloud can tell me what’s missing. #

17:58 Off for pre film scran. Chips, I think. #

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A few notes on the Elonex Onet+

A few weeks ago I gave my sister the Maplin Minibook and started using the Elonex instead. Even though they’re effectively the same machine I have noticed some differences. For instance, the Elonex copes better with wifi. It’s been far less of a production getting connected in Oklahoma, my regular coffee shop cum surfing location. I admit I haven’t tried anywhere else and have yet to sort out wireless in the house, but so far so good.

I’ll come straight out and admit that I should really have got an Asus Eee, even before I’ve done a full side by side comparison, but I didn’t, so I’ll live with the machine I’ve got. For a while, anyway.

It’s been a while since I’ve used a computer that can’t refresh its screen fast enough to keep up with my typing. The Elonex can’t and it’s not because I’ve been speeding up my touch-typing. That’s slightly annoying, as is the occasional combination of key presses that sees seemingly random letters being dumped into whatever I’m typing. I haven’t worked out what makes this happen yet, but I’ll try to pay attention in future.

One particular strange feature I’ve noticed in the last few days could have an adverse effect on the machine’s effectiveness at its main job. The idea is that it can be tossed into a pannier or backpack and taken around to be whipped out and used wherever. However, when I do this it has a habit of turning itself on and draining its batteries. The casing on the back of the screen flexes. This is not a problem when it’s in use but when it’s closed- say in a bag- that flexing can close the contacts on the power button and turn the machine on. I never noticed this problem with the Minibook, either the switch was in a different place or the case I used with it protected it better from being poked by other obects.

Anyway, I shall continue using the Elonex. I plan to do a lot of my NaNoWriMo composition on it, probably whilst sat in Oklahoma sipping coffee or hot chocolate.

It’s nearly NaNoWriMo time again

National Novel Writing Month starts on Saturday. Either my spam filter’s been over active or their mailing system’s changed (the former is more likely), because I haven’t received any information about it this year. However, I was struck by an idea last night that I think might have the legs to be my project for this year.

I’ve been reading Stasiland a chapter or two at a time most nights. I’ve also been wondering how to tell a tale about adapting to climate change, global financial meltdown, etc. to create a utopian novel. The two collided last night and I think I’ll be doing a pseudo travelogue of someone discovering self reliant communities and emerging technologies.

Horrified B-Movie actors and other fun figure sets

There is no scale specified for these Horrified B-Movie Actors figures, which is a shame. With heights of 6.4cm to 7.6cm I’d guess at 1:20-something. You might be able to mix them up with model cars for a diorama- a 1950s Chevy, battered ’40s Ford and a creeping blob maybe. Or you could replace the blob with glow in the dark zombies. Or, if the screamers are Creationists, the Evolving Darwin set.

Other sets include the Paparazzi and the Office Monkeys.

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