Tweets today

07:12 Time for my day as an MP on the Sherlock Holmes set. #

07:45 I almost look respectable. I do like this long jacket. #

08:29 Is there a guide to the proper care and maintenance of a fake moustache? #

08:32 Blog: Tweets today #

08:32 Blog: I now have a most wonderful moustache, but it tickles. #

09:46 Off we all go, but are we heading for the set? #

10:28 My moustache is unruly and everyone wants to fiddle with it. #

10:56 I’m aiming for the front of the queue this time. Maybe I’ll finally get into the chamber. #

13:46 It’s not easy eating with a moustache on. #

16:12 Getting camera envy. And crew envy. It’s usually just me and my monkeys. #

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