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00:31 Blog: Tweets today #

09:27 My NaNoWriMo tale is based in a world where McCain/Palin win on Tuesday. Americans- please make sure it stays fiction. #

10:27 Blog: For the benefit of Sarah Palin, and plot development, the Bush Doctrine #

10:27 Blog: NaNoWriMo day by day #

15:12 I should probably have had some lunch before heading to the studio. Hungry. #

16:12 I’m rewriting as I draw. Just cut 4 pages of exposition to 2 = more pages of sex! #

16:44 XFM seem to have misplaced Clint Boon. And I think the stand in tape just looped. #

17:19 Coffee and chocolate cake in Oklahoma to see if I can kickstart any NaNo inspiration for the day. #

17:54 This week’s Orange film is Quantum of Solace @ amc @ 7.30 (or Odeon @ 8 if we can’t get into amc). Get there early to be sure. #

18:17 You know I’m going to spend most of Wednesday watching US election coverage on BBC News. We don’t get Fox, that would be interesting. #

18:28 Blog: NaNoWriMo first draft- Storage and cashflow #

19:24 @Kalyr I’d love to see the wild eyed denial faces if (when, hopefully) it became obvious Obama is going to win. #

19:58 @Kalyr The wingnuts know they’re losing, but only subconciously. I read a couple and they’ve been practising their excuses for a few days. #

20:18 @Kalyr That’s nothing, I’ve seen more than one suggest he’ll be a new Hitler. #

21:00 @shoemoney I wonder if we’ll have massive riots if McCain loses. The rhetoric from his side is as scary and from closer to the candidate. #

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