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12:26 Blog: When Chuck Norris is in a really tough jam he asks himself, "What would Barack Obama do?" tinyurl.com/5qogpj #

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12:32 We have heating again! I’m so happy that I might be able to feel my toes again. #

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18:29 Blog: NaNoWriMo first draft- The beginning of the end tinyurl.com/647vap #

18:51 Ike is staying away from beerfest tonight because Lesley kept trying to kidnap him last night. #

22:16 Chesney Fucking Hawkes? I’d have had it stopped if I could. #

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Cornish Mutiny

Cornish Mutiny, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

I wasn’t so sure about this one, but both the cute bar staff liked it. That’s what art’s really about- impressing the ladies.

NaNoWriMo first draft- The beginning of the end

Notes This is very much notes which will be expanded on as I expand the story and work out the full timeline. Writing has slowed over the last of days. I’m looking at around 30,000 words, rather than the desired 50,000, by the end of the month.

Some people like to blame the Germans But they’re wrong.

It was going to go horribly wrong no matter what. The Germans just provided the flashpoint. When it became obvious that the United States President was ordering assassinations within the borders of supposed allies no-one reacted well. Germany still had a large number of American troops stationed within its borders and it immediately demanded their withdrawal.

Within hours of the demands being made a column of three humvees drove through a mostly muslim neighbourhood near one of the American bases and shot it up. There were no identifying marks spotted on the vehicles and the soldiers, likewise, were not wearing insignia of any sort. When German Police arrived at the base to investigate they were denied entry at gunpoint.

An impasse became a stand off as armed Police and then German Army units arrived. Diplomacy went nowhere- the Germans demanded access, the Americans demanded the right to investigate the incident themselves. Angry crowds joined the Police and Army and the German government changed their withdrawal demands- all American personnel had to leave the country immediately, leaving their equipment and vehicles behind.

On the night of the second day of the siege the firing started. No-one knows who pulled the trigger first, but the Americans had been preparing for it. Fully loaded tanks and armoured vehicles broke out of the base and shredded the Police, military and civilians who surrounded it. Within an hour the same had happened on bases all across the country.

The bombing of Paris the next day, and other attacks across the continent, allowed the American forces to form up and prepare to fight anyone who came at them. Beyond bloodshed there didn’t seem to be any coherent plan. Initially they struck south, then west before breaking up into smaller units and raiding in all directions. The tanks didn’t last long- helicopters and small anti tank units whittled them down as they were found. The smaller vehicles proved surprisingly hard to track, there are probably still some out there in hiding.

The American force lost people from even before the break out. Soldiers slipped into civvies and out the back of buildings, or failed to make it to roster points. Afterwards deserters sneaked out of camps in the night or dropped off the backs of columns. They didn’t all make it to safety. Any deserter tracked down by the American forces was killed as a matter of routine. Those who gave themselves up to locals stood a better chance of surviving, but there was still the chance that they’d be killed.

Still, even with the wastage, there were still squads of American soldiers wandering Europe for over four years. And the ones who lasted longest were the hardcore of fundamentalists, stranded far away from their disintegrated country and striking out at people they felt had contributed to its downfall.

Oh so very English

Teafix is a build your own cup of tea in a china cup.

Teafix contains all the components to make one cup of tea; a teacup, saucer, doily, spoon, teabag, sugar and even transfers to allow users to mimic the opulence of a journey once enjoyed by those who travelled during the golden age of rail, and relish the relaxing solace of a Great British ‘cuppa’.