Tweets today

23:28 Blog: Happy first beerfest to Oliver #

00:26 Isn’t Fightstar Keanu Reeves’ band? #

00:27 Blog: Tweets today #

12:26 Blog: When Chuck Norris is in a really tough jam he asks himself, "What would Barack Obama do?" #

12:26 Blog: Oh so very English #

12:26 Blog: If you’re in Leeds this weekend check out Thought Bubble #

12:32 We have heating again! I’m so happy that I might be able to feel my toes again. #

14:27 Blog: Check out the new look Spinneyhead store at Cafe Press #

15:41 Blog: Backward Christian soldiers #

18:29 Blog: NaNoWriMo first draft- The beginning of the end #

18:51 Ike is staying away from beerfest tonight because Lesley kept trying to kidnap him last night. #

22:16 Chesney Fucking Hawkes? I’d have had it stopped if I could. #

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