Daily archives: November 14, 2008

Tweets today

23:58 Quorn is people! Bland, tasteless people, but people nonetheless. #

01:26 Blog: Butcombe Gold tinyurl.com/65fozf #

08:26 Blog: Another new Watchmen trailer for you tinyurl.com/6j7m6n #

14:21 must step away from the jigsaw and get some writing done. #

20:24 Beer! #

21:10 Inspiration is lacking tonight. #

21:45 Dug the Barbie Girl/Bat Out Of Hell mashup, though the beat matching was a little off. #

22:26 Blog: He’s Spartacus tinyurl.com/6lgo3d #

22:26 Blog: Hobgoblin tinyurl.com/6g6lr7 #

23:01 Is it ironic or deeply optimistic to ask the red headed barmaid for a Russet? #

23:04 Where’s my fucking pizza? #

23:05 Oh, my pizza’s here. #

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Hobgoblin, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

An internet search reminded me that the hobgoblin was a spider-man villain. Where’s the cute comic loving barmaid from last night?