3 thoughts on “Christian Contraception- it’s not just about praying

  • Anonymous

    I would hope that any Christian who contemplates using birth control would give a serious study to the issue, reading the teachings on the subject by the early Church Fathers, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Jeremy Taylor. I would also hope that you would read David Kennedy’s Birth Control in America, particular the chapter in which he discusses the adamant opposition to accepting contraception and rejecting the historic Christian position that its use is sinful by conservative Protestants during the first third or so of the 20th century.

  • Michael S

    Another great recent work is Bryan Hodge’s “Christian Case Against Contraception: Making the Case From Historical, Biblical, Systematic and Practical Theology and Ethics.”

  • Ian Pattinson

    I recommend that anyone wanting to control their reproduction gets their advice from a doctor rather than a theologian.

    It’s notable that all the people offering up biblical commentary on the rights and wrongs of contraception are men when it is women who have to live with the consequences of getting pregnant.

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