Daily archives: November 26, 2008

Perhaps I should change my name to Robert for a few weeks

Just as an attempt to get more hits. Robert Pattinson is the male lead in Twilight a tale of vampire love that wants to be the next Harry Potter franchise. Everything I’ve read suggests that I’m not its demographic, but I could always try to steal some of its attention.

A letter to my MP

Using the writetothem.com website I’ve sent an email to my local MP, John Leech-

Dear John Leech,

When the Government announced earlier this year that they wouild be investing several billion pounds in renewable energy there was a hint that there would be a new round of grants for home owners to buy solar panels and other energy saving/ generating technologies. However, I have not heard any more about these payments since.

Would it be possible for you to raise the issue with the relevant department or official and find more details of the proposed schemes? This may not seem like the appropriate time to be paying out such grants but I believe they would help stimulate the economy by giving money to an important sector of industry and saving homeowners money.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Pattinson

Hopefully the grants have started up and I just haven’t seen the announcement. If not then I’ll have to think of ways to get the issue raised more forcefully.

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