Daily archives: November 28, 2008

Report Empty Homes

Does exactly what it says in the url- reportemptyhomes.com allows you to inform councils of empty and abandoned buildings. They have teams and powers dedicated to bringing empty homes back into use, but often just don’t know about properties they should be dealing with.

There are estimated to be over 840,000 empty homes in the UK and bringing even just a few of them back into use would save millions of pounds and cut the waste associatd with building new ones.

Tweets today

06:32 Off to hospital to have papillae excised. You don’t want any more details, trust me. #

07:10 Where’s the bastard 109? I was meant to be at the hospital by now. #

07:51 Phone off now. #

11:48 Waiting, waiting, waiting. Bloody hell I’m hungry. #

21:11 Considering I’ve spent most of the day napping or sedated I’m really tired. #

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