Tweets today

23:11 This week’s Orange film is Transporter 3 @ 7.10 @ amc #

23:23 Blog: Tweets today #

06:33 Oh the glamorous life of a television extra. #

07:30 Bugger, I forgot my cup. No tea for me 🙁 #

15:44 Emmeline, Sylvia and a third one. Were they the Pankhursts? #

20:30 "Wintry showers" is just a polite way of saying sleet isn’t it. #

20:55 Sniffly and sneezy from getting chilled today. Treating it with tea and whisky. #

22:09 And now, Lemsip. #

22:11 Dogging with dead people, and dogging by bike. These were all PV’s ideas, not mine, I hasten to add. #

22:32 @Kalyr Tweet, tweet, cough, sneeze, erghhh, expire. #

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