Daily archives: December 12, 2008

Tweets today

23:24 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/5eopgr #

13:12 Muse wanted. Duties include- being gorgeous, making wild passionate love with me and occasional proofreading. Apply within. #

15:26 Blog: No congestion charge for Manchester tinyurl.com/5hdsqm #

16:27 Blog: Another new Watchmen trailer tinyurl.com/6mocwf #

17:32 Unproductive day. Trying to shake off this bloody cold I’ve had for almost a month. Keeping warm and staying in drinking lots of tea. #

22:50 I don’t want total control of my stubble. #

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No congestion charge for Manchester

The results of the congestion charge referendum are in and the answer is a sound NO. Oh well. I voted yes, because I don’t have a car and if I did I wouldn’t be so dumb as to drive it into the centre more than once or twice a month- and any improvements to public transport would be to my benefit. The proposals for improving cycling infrastructure were a bit poor, but any investment is good.

Still, even without more cycle lanes I’ll still get to sail past the lines of standing traffic on the way into town. Maybe I need a sign that says “Don’t blame me, I voted against congestion” just to taunt them.