Daily archives: January 5, 2009

Tweets today

00:21 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/7f5nka #

00:21 Blog: Sounds of Soldiers- The Battle of the Mediterranean tinyurl.com/8vmmtx #

00:24 Just watched The Recruit. If Al Pacino ever offers you a job, just say no. #

10:03 Rearranging my room in a vain attempt to become more organised. #

11:43 New computer table has one major flaw- nowhere to put my tea! #

14:09 This week’s Orange Wednesday film will be The Spirit @ 7.20 @ amc. It promises to be the new Catwoman. #

16:14 One bin bag of rubbish removed from my room, and I’ve only really cleared the space from the door to the foot of the bed. #

16:54 The floor of my room is green! (Plus, I found my camera again.) #

19:36 Facebook should expand its list of relationship statuses eg. "has a crush on someone" "is a stalker" "it’s unrequited" "pictures of Lily" #

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